Let's take a scientific approach to the house prediction model!

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The biggest problem that arises is to manage real estate prices or to predict them for a certain period. So, stakeholders, buyers, and housebuilders would like to know which attributes impact the house price. Let’s take a look at how we will approach the problem…


According to related research, the…

Master Use Case Diagrams

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From luxury to necessity

A good information system design has grown from a luxury to a necessity. Solution Architect becomes one of the most top paid position in the world of software development. Why is that so?

Let’s see what does Alex Schleifer (CDO at Airbnb) think about designing a robust system:

Here’s a…

JavaScript algorithm can be “unpredictable”!

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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Arthur C. Clarke (3rd Clarke’s law)

Before we start to get familiar with JavaScript corner cases, I’d like to make a distinction between Corner Case and Edge Case.

We can say that Edge Case is an issue that can occur only…

Upgrade your knowledge to senior level!

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JavaScript will be a real functional language.

Douglas Crockford

I was thinking about how to start this story, so in the end, it transpired to me that Douglas was expressly telling the story of JS. His prediction seemed to come true. JavaScript becomes a powerful functional language!

Since the…

Soft skills in JavaScript…

MacBook Pro and JavaScript code
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Learn to handle corner cases of coercion

JavaScript is the duct tape of the Internet.

— Charlie Campbell

1. Deep understanding of language corner cases

Do people hate JavaScript because of the corner cases? It’s always interesting to watch how people are sanitizing the whole language because of the few cons. All programming languages have type conversions, so all programming languages have corner cases

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